A little bit about me ——

Hello, I'm Cassie, a designer with an edge of digital product design, UI/UX, and interaction design.

I'm currently a UX/interactive designer at  Amazon. My past experiences include working as an Experience Designer at Panasonic North America, as a Product Visual Designer at Versa, Shanghai, and as a freelance designer for 4 years. I hold a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design at New York.

I believe in the power of design in technology, helping create a smooth interaction and delightful experience between human and products, pragmatically solving complex problems with tactical solutions, and bringing a conceptual idea to reality. I enjoy the process and the sense of achievement of contribution to the course of humanity it gives me. It makes me feel alive.

Get in touch! I would love to chat about work, projects, design, technology, or anything:)

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