Lumos is an Artificial Intelligence technology based graphics editor developed by Versa Inc.

Jun 2021 - Jul 2021
Jiayi Xu
Visual Design
Versa Inc.
During my internship at Versa Inc. as a Visual Design intern, I worked closely with designers, product managers, and content producers. This project is an App Branding project which includes defining theme and auxiliary colors, graphic and text logo design, and setting up usage specifications.
Color Gradient: White: #FFFFFF; Neon Yellow: #E9FF85; Light Purple: #8D73FF; Dark Purple: #7D5FFF
"Lumos" originally comes from Harry Potter as a Wand-Lighting Charm. The color combination of purple and neon yellow constructs the tone of a magical world which aligns with the features and theme in the App. Moreover, the graphic logo implies the tip of a wand, magic hat and a direction that forms a perfect line of movement with the halo behind.